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Happy Birthday to Dawnster! Mother to the coolest one year old blogger on the net, wonderful friend, witness and co-videographer at our wedding, and most excellent co-host of our Albany area Women’s nights. yeah, she’s cool. Happy birthday to her.


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Happy Birthday baby!

Today is a most wonderful day in the history of the world as we know it. Today is the day my husband was born. Yaaaaaaaaay.
Happy birthday to Shawn, Happy birthday to him, Happy birthday to my wonderful husband, happy birthday to him. woo!

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more than a lot of time at woodside

Ok so it’s totally the middle of August already. We had a wonderful, wonderful time on our trip down to Long Island. Given the following, how could we not: Seeing the Mets win in person at Shea, Beautiful warm weather, Seeing the best set I could ever ask for for my first David Gray show, 10 strings of joy as Bela Fleck joined the Yonder Mountain String Band on stage early in the day, So many strings of joy and solos of amazin-ness that I cant recall it all while Bela Fleck and the flecktones joined Dave Matthews Band on stage, some of the funniest most random "Dave-speak" ever, some nice relaxing time with Grandma and Grandpa, a lovely brunch and visit wtih Aunt Debbie and my only cousins, and then we capped it all off with lunch at the beach and a stroll with our feet in the Atlantic ocean. It was a fantastic time. A trip that will just make you smile every time you think back on it.
Pictures are up on flickr .

But for a moment, back to that whole relaxing time with Grandma and Grandpa. What time is that? Everytime. We’re a lot alike, from little things like being 5 years apart in age and having similar backgrounds (city girl/ country boy thing) and man is it like looking forward and seeing the rewards of marriage when we get to be around them. And as an added bonus, now that I’m not only all grown up but married – I get to learn more about my grandparents than I ever would have as a kid. The beauty in this kind of stuff can not be overstated.

So then, in other happy news – we got a new computer this week. The day after our lovely three days away we awoke to a crashed hard drive from good ol abbelicious jr yet again – her fifth time this year alone. Shwan’s laptop bit the big one this past week as well. So as we had been planning on – we went and got a new desktop. One that is fantabulous enough to be all things for both my husband and I. One that has speeds so nice you forgot what it was like to have a smaller hard drive. We named her Precious and she’s so nice. As our first miracle together – Precious and I managed to turn my wedding video footage into a playable dvd. Three other dvd burner owning people attempted this and did not suceed – but without even blinking Precious arose to the task – and now – we finally have our wedding on dvd!


and now, dear friends, the ferris wheel keeps turning and the daily dance continues. And in other words- i truly intend to blog more often. (ps- this picture looks way better in the pop up too).

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oh my itchin feet

Why my feet! Why!
In spring, when flip flop season started – my right foot got bit up, just the right. And now the other night whilst standing around, holding flashlight during the car repair- my left foot got bit up, just the left. Oh it itches! Oh its not pretty! gah!

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She Speaks!

What.a.night. As ever timing is everything in life. Grace had emergency surgery in my parents driveway last night – for that was where she passed out. On my way home from work she finally spoke to me and threw on her volts light. My super wonderfully handy car fixer husband was right, it was the alternator making that noise! Crap! Well it was almost 8 pm by the time we got near my parent’s house. The brilliant idea was that we would use their garage for light and shelter from the heat and possible thunderstorms. Grace decided, however, to pass out in the moments it took me to run from the car to the garage opener. For the next 3 hours, most of them by well placed flashlight, surgery ensued. She may be a Chevy and claim American production – but the sticker on the inside says she was made in Canadia. Boo. It was engineered in such a way that you couldn’t even hardly get your fingers on some of the bolts for the alternator. And Grace was hot, and dirty. But man does she sound good now. Noise is gone, she sounds free from all her aches and pains. Phew.
Now, on with the road trips. Next up – Saturday morning – off to Long Island we go.

The Tappan Zee Bridge, spanning the hudson - she's a necessary beauty of travelling downstate.

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my daily mundance

Here’s something very few people know – a usual day for me sees me in the car on the highway, singing loudly, tears in my eyes, breath abated at the depth of the song I’m in at that moment. More days than not I laugh at myself on the way to work – laugh at how emotional a song can make me, laugh at how much I’m dancing, etc. And you know what else, I never listen to actual "sad" music in the mornings. Most times its a live performance, and most times it’s O.A.R. or Matisyahu or Dave Matthews Band. And to give myself a defense here – think for a second about the tumultous world we live in today, and then picture me singing my heart out to lyrics of "I wish the world was run by love and absolutely nothing more .." or,  "Jerusalem! If I forget you, it’s as if my hand forget what to do". Word. You’d get tears in your eyes too.
Now, if I could just get myself to do that everyday after work, when the traffic is even denser, the stress in my back up another notch, and yet I know my mind is even more alert…end my day on a strong vibe too.

From my music of healing – to healing thoughts for my companion at all those moments of mundancity. ( do you not love that I just made up that word?).


Grace. We’ve been together for almost three solid years. She’s seen me through some real tears, and some real laughs. She’s had a rough year. New belt. fender bender. Radiator and Transmission flushes. And now, well, theres this noise. And we just can’t put a finger on what it is. Not the good folk at Jiffy Lube and not my dad and not even my super handy car know it all husband. She’s not going to blow up, and she doesnt seem to be losing power, or anything else rather important. Patience still isnt my virtue and we’re gonna put her to a road test this weekend, fingers crossed. She is my rock, my ship in my daily sea of cyclic life.  Everything must be ok with her at all times, it just must be.   

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sing louder – ladanday

Dear aberator dot com, where ya been? What’s your business on this here internet? Living on the outskirts? Looking in and keeping just one eye open? Who is you?
I am me. I have no excuses. so I thought I’d foree back in the door with a series of glimpses into the world of the aberator. My day job, My love, My home etc.
Maybe I can prove to myself that though it feels incredibly muted and mundane as a whole picture – maybe I only have one eye open on it. Actually I’m pretty sure thats true. The trick is going to be figuring out which one – inner vs outer; right vs wrong; etc.
Now, (heh, heh) if  you’ll be so kind as to tune in later – mundanity calls and I have to go to the aforementioned day job – where I still have no internet acess at all.
And.. also introducing – a picture a post:


Sunday morning, after our weekly breakfast with friends at the diner – we decided to keep driving. For Shawn it was a quest to find the other side of the Watervliet Resevoir dam – where he heard there would be even better fishing. Turns out it was true, well from the looks of it any way. It was even more peaceful there too. Picture is taken with my phone – and I cant seem to make it any larger for the post without it looking horrible – so if youre really curious click on it, it looks great in the pop up.

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